Argument Against 17 Including 12 Representatives For Giving Phony Driving Permit

Workers of the Transportation Management Office Ekantakuna have been found to have given 533 driver’s licenses illicitly in 14 months. A review directed by the Commission of Inquiry has affirmed that the then two tops of the workplace, Sambar Bahadur Karki and Rajubhai Kusma, were aided this errand by 12 representatives and five middle people. 

Government records were likewise amended with the assistance of middle people to illicitly give licenses. Karki and Kusma, the then office tops of the workplace, had given power to different representatives of the workplace while restoring the driver’s permit and those workers had given the driver’s permit by mishandling a similar power. 

As per the representative of the commission, Shyam Prasad Bhandari, it has been affirmed from the review that the driver’s licenses were given from July of the financial year 2077/78 to August of the monetary year 2078/79. 

As per the commission, before, the licenses of 533 drivers who were not recharged and dropped consequently because of different reasons were given for the sake of new individuals in the wake of adjusting the public authority records. Mediators additionally aided this assignment. 

The commission has additionally asserted that it against the law against the law to give the option to recharge the permit to the subordinate workers and accordingly the motivation behind giving the right is to wrongfully give driver’s permit. 

The commission on Tuesday recorded a body of evidence against 17 individuals, including the then office boss, in a unique court in Kathmandu on charges of wrongfully captivating in driver’s permit. 

Different representatives of the workplace whose case has been recorded are mechanical architect Vijay Raj Giri, associate level worker Kamal Syangtan, senior repairman Achyut Prasad Phuyal, PC administrators Prakash Karki, Reju Bhattarai, Roshan Rajbhandari, Shyam Sundar Chaudhary, Laxmi Shrestha, Maya Sethi and Richa Shrestha

Likewise, arguments have additionally been documented against mediators Haribhakta Shrestha, Baburam Sharma or Uddhav Bahadur Khatri, Deepak Bishwakarma, Ganesh Adhikari and Naren Shakya. All have been requested to make a move according to the Prevention of Corruption Act, 2059 BS.

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