T-Mobile And SpaceX Partner To Boost Connectivity In Areas With No Cellular Coverage

Video File: T-Mobile and SpaceX announced today a partnership that will help bring connectivity to those who need it most. As part of the agreement, T-Mobile will use its new Un-carrier 9 technology to support hybrid connectivity with SpaceX’s global network of satellite communications nodes. These nodes act as small cell towers in rural areas … Read more

These Are The 6 Famous People Who Have In Excess Of 100 Million Supporters On Twitter

Twitter presently has 396.5 million clients and 206 million month to month dynamic clients. Last Tuesday, the quantity of adherents of the world’s most extravagant and Tesla CEO Alan Max surpassed 100 million. Simultaneously, the quantity of clients with in excess of 100 million adherents on Twitter has arrived at six. With 100 million supporters, … Read more