Computer Applications: Secondary Level: Unit-2: Pc Software, Summary

Laser Printers Inconveniences Costly Can’t be utilized to create various duplicates of a record in a solitary printing Contents [hide] Inkjet Printers Inkjet printers are non-influence character printers in view of a somewhat new innovation. They print characters by showering little drops of ink onto paper. Inkjet printers produce top notch yield with adequate highlights. … Read more

Computer Applications: Secondary Level: Unit-2: Input Devices, Output Devices

Contents [hide] Bar code Readers (BCR) Scanner tag Reader is a gadget utilized for perusing bar coded information (information as light and dim lines). Bar coded information is for the most part utilized in naming merchandise, numbering the books, and so on. It very well might be a handheld scanner or might be implanted in … Read more

Computer Applications: Secondary Level: Unit-2: Input Device, Storage Devices

Flash Drives A flash drive is a little, super convenient stockpiling gadget which, in contrast to an optical drive or a conventional hard drive, has no moving parts. Flash drives associate with PCs and different gadgets through an inherent USB Type-A fitting, making a flash drive a sort of mix USB gadget and link. SD … Read more

Computer Applications: Secondary Level: Unit-2: The Storage Unit Of Computers Consists, Various Storage Devices

The capacity unit of PCs comprises of two kinds of memory or capacity: essential and optional stockpiling: i. Primary Storage Memory capacity that discusses straightforwardly with CPU is called primary memory. It empowers the PC to store, briefly information and guidance. It is basically used to hold information and guidelines and as well as the … Read more

Computer Applications: Secondary Level: Unit-2: PC System, Memory And Storage Devices

Unit: 2 PC System Learning Outcomes: – After consummation of this unit, you will actually want to make sense of the ideas of PC association make sense of PC equipment and memory make sense of info and result gadgets make sense of PC programming Contents [hide] 2.1. Idea of Computer Organization The PC alongside different … Read more