Is Your Email Or Password Leaked Online ? Do This Test

The incidence of hacking and data leaks has been increasing lately. In such cases, the email and password of the internet user is leaked. Such details are even a source of income for cyber criminals. Such criminals make a lot of money on the dark web. We may be wondering what happens when an email is leaked, what happens when only a password is leaked. But, now it is very important in the world of data. There is a risk of finding your email and password and accessing social media, doing various activities. So you need to know from time to time whether your email and password are secure or not. There are various means for that.
One of the most used platforms is ‘Have I Been Pwned‘.
There are more than 11.42 billion emails leaked so far. Where you can get information about whether or not your email has been received in the recent leaks. Similarly, there are various platforms for passwords.
The antivirus company Avast and Nord have also provided this service. Of that, Nordpass contains more than 7.88 billion passwords that have been leaked so far. Avast Hack Check has 5.28 billion passwords. Where you can test with the password you are using. If your password and email have already been leaked during the test, you need to change the password immediately and use two-factor authentication for the email.

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With the fast turn of events and extension of data innovation, individuals have opened numerous sorts of internet based accounts. Be that as it may, such records have been viewed as extremely feeble with regards to security. Network safety organization Bhairav Technology Pvt. Ltd. has made public the most involved secret phrase in Nepal. As per a new report by the organization, the most involved secret phrase in Nepal is ‘kathmandu’. These subtleties are gathered from spilled and britched information. It is as yet standard to make passwords with words, numbers, names, and so on. Specialists say that such passwords are negative with regards to security. Bhairav Technology has proposed clients to keep exceptional and solid passwords while tweeting. As per the report, the majority of the passwords and numbers utilized in Nepal are as per the following.
1. kathmandu 29288
2. nepal123 9,480
3. pokhara 7,151
4. nepal 6,765
5. sagarmatha 3,487
6. ktm123 2,196
7. dharan 2,158

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