New Update In Nagarik App, Added Permit Connecting And Health Care Coverage Installment Office

Another update has come in the Nagarik App which has been brought to give all the public authority offices however much as could reasonably be expected through one application. The driver’s permit connecting highlight has been added with the most recent 1.5.4 of the application. With the endeavors of Engineer Santosh Pokharel of the Department of Transport Management and Czech International, the driving permit has been connected to the Nagarik App. What’s more, clients can now see their driving licenses by connecting to the Nagarik App. Notwithstanding, because of a bug in the update of the application, the update has been sent once more and when the update came, the driving permit with photograph will show up, said the resident application. Albeit the most recent update of the Nagarik App has come to Android, it is assessed that it will require a couple of days for the update to open up on iOS. With the new update in iOS, how much medical coverage can likewise be paid. Albeit this component has come in the update of Android, it is said that it is as of now kept ‘deactivated’. “When the iOS update comes, we intend to make this component live on both applications simultaneously,” said an engineer of the Nagarik App. The designer said that another framework has been produced for online application for driving permit and the framework is yet to be ‘steady’ and won’t be quickly remembered for the Nagarik App.

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