A mother for his higher study

 Nepal kohalapur ... A mother who took Tilhari mortgage to send her son to SEE Exam says: “Due to poor family finances, I was unable to pay my son’s school fees. The school did not give me the admission card until I paid the fees. Finally, I mortgaged Tilhari and paid my son’s fees.” To raise money for the fee, she thought of selling the chickens she reared at home. But it did not happen as expected because people died in the village. After the death of people in the village, there was no talk of cutting thatch. Khasi was not sold. And in order not to stop my son’s exam, I took money by mortgaging Tilhari. .Every now and then there was a message from the school asking me to pay my son’s fees, but I couldn’t pay due to poverty. Finally, when the exam was missed, Tilhari put it on mortgage, my son’s happiness is my happiness. The son was able to get SEE days by keeping Tilhari mortgage. I am happy about this, but I am worried about how much money will be used to educate my son after passing SEE. I have mortgaged Tilhari with monthly interest of 3%. Husband has come to India for employment. In the name of the property there is a small house made of iron. There is not a fistful of cultivable land. I also work as a daily wage earner.” I bow down from the bottom of my heart and express my highest respect to this great mother.

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