Computer Applications Secondary Level: Unit-1: The Capabilities And Restriction of PC


Universal Automatic Computer, the UNIVAC I was delivered in 1951 and 1952 when originally created by J. Presper Eckert and John Mauchly. The UNIVAC is an electrical PC containing huge number of vacuum tubes that uses punch cards and switches for contributing information and punch cards for yielding and putting away information. 

The UNIVAC was subsequently delivered the UNIVAC II, and III with different models, for example, the 418, 490, 491, 1100, 1101, 1102, 1103, 1104, 1105, 1106, 1107, and 1108. A considerable lot of these models were just possessed by a couple of organizations or government offices. In the underneath picture is an illustration of the UNIVAC PC. As should be visible in the image, this is a room-sized PC and frequently expected various individuals to work.

History of PC in Nepal

There is certainly not a long history of PCs in Nepal. Nepal employed a few kinds of number crunchers and PCs for it’s registration computation. Following rundown shows it’s set of experiences in Nepal. In 2018 BS an electronic number cruncher called “Facit” was utilized for enumeration. 

In 2028 BS evaluation IBM 1401 per second era centralized server PC was utilized. In 2031 BS a middle for Electronic Data Processing, Later renamed to National Computer Center (NCC), was laid out for public information handling and PC preparing. 

In 2038 BS ICL 2950/10 per second era centralized server PC was utilized for statistics. Presently a-days most likely every single establishments, business associations, correspondence focuses, ticket counters and so on are utilizing PCs. After 2039 B.S., microcomputer s, for example, Sirus, Vector, IBM, Apple and so on were imported by privately owned businesses and people in Nepal. 

Today there are large number of PC preparing organizations, PC deals and fix focuses in Nepal. Various colleges are opening IT schools in Nepal. PC subject has been remembered for the educational program of school training and colleges.

1.3. The Computer framework attributes

High Velocity

  • PC is an exceptionally quick gadget.
  • It is fit for performing computation of extremely enormous measure of information in a brief time frame.
  • The PC has units of speed in microsecond, nanosecond, and, surprisingly, the picosecond.
  • It can perform a large number of computations in no time flat when contrasted with man who will spend numerous months to play out a similar undertaking.


  • As well as being extremely quick, PCs are exceptionally precise.
  • The computations are 100 percent mistake free.
  • PCs play out all positions with 100 percent precision in the event that the information is right.

Capacity Capability

  • Memory is a vital quality of PCs.
  • A PC has considerably more capacity limit than individuals.
  • It can store enormous measure of information.
  • It can store any kind of information like pictures, recordings, text, sound, and so forth.


  • Not at all like individuals, a PC is liberated from repetitiveness, sleepiness, and absence of focus.
  • It can work ceaselessly with no blunder and weariness.
  • It can perform rehashed assignments with a similar speed and precision.


  • A PC is an exceptionally flexible machine.
  • It is entirely adaptable in playing out the tasks to be finished.
  • This machine can be utilized to take care of the issues connected with different fields.
  • At one example, it could be tackling a complex logical issue and the exceptionally next second it very well might be playing a game.


  • A PC is a solid machine.
  • Current electronic parts have long lives.
  • PCs are intended to make upkeep simple.


  • PC is a programmed machine.
  • Robotization is the capacity to consequently play out a given undertaking. When the PC gets a program i.e., the program is put away in the PC memory, then the program and guidance have some control over the program execution without human communication.

Decrease in Paper Work and Cost

  • The utilization of PCs for information handling in an association prompts decrease in paper work and results in accelerating the cycle.
  • As information in electronic records can be recovered as and when required, the issue of upkeep of enormous number of paper documents gets diminished.
  • However the underlying venture for introducing a PC is high, it considerably lessens the expense of every one of its exchange.

4. The Capabilities and restriction of PC:

PC – Applications

The use of PCs in different fields are given as beneath :


A PC has rapid of estimation, constancy, exactness, dependability, or flexibility. It is a coordinated part in all business associations. It is utilized in business associations for Payroll estimations, Budgeting, Sales examination, Financial gauging, Managing worker data set, Maintenance of stocks, and so on.


Today, banking is absolutely reliant upon PCs. Banks furnish the accompanying offices with the assistance of PCs.
  • Internet bookkeeping office, which incorporates checking current equilibrium, putting aside installments and overdrafts, checking interest charges, offers, and legal administrator records.
  • ATM machines which are totally computerized are making it significantly simpler for clients to think about banks.


Insurance agency are staying up with the latest with the assistance of PCs. Insurance agency, finance houses, and stock broking firms are broadly involving PCs for their interests. Insurance agency are keeping a data set of all clients with data showing Procedure to go on with strategies, Starting date of the approaches, Next due portion of a strategy, Maturity date, Interests due, Survival benefits, Bonus and so on.


The PC helps in giving a ton of offices in the school system.
  • The PC gives a device in the school system known as CBE (Computer Based Education).
  • CBE includes control, conveyance, and assessment of learning.
  • PC instruction is quickly expanding the chart of number of PC understudies.
  • There are various techniques in which instructive foundations can utilize a PC to teach the understudies.
  • It is utilized to set up a data set about the presentation of an understudy and investigation is completed on this premise.


In showcasing, uses of the PC are following –
  • Promoting − With PCs, publicizing experts make craftsmanship and designs, compose and update duplicate, and print and spread advertisements determined to sell more items.
  • Home Shopping − Home shopping has been caused conceivable using electronic lists that to give admittance to item data and grant direct passage of orders to be filled by the clients.

Medical care

PCs have turned into a significant part in clinics, labs, and dispensaries. They are being utilized in clinics to keep the record of patients and meds. It is likewise utilized in examining and diagnosing various sicknesses. ECG, EEG, ultrasounds and CT filters, and so forth are likewise finished by automated machines. Following are a few significant fields of medical care where PCs are utilized. (I) Diagnostic System, (ii) Lab-symptomatic System, (iii) Patient Monitoring System, and (iv) Pharma Information System, Surgery and so forth.

Engineering Design

PCs are generally utilized for Engineering reason. One of the significant regions is CAD (Computer Aided Design) that gives creation and change of pictures. A portion of the fields are Structural Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Architectural Engineering, and so on.


PCs are to a great extent utilized in protection. Military likewise utilizes mechanized control frameworks. A few military regions where a PC has been utilized are Missile Control, Military Communication, Military Operation and Planning, Smart Weapons and so forth.


Correspondence is to pass on a message, a thought, an image, or discourse that is gotten and seen obviously and accurately by the individual for whom it is implied. A few principal regions in this class are E-mail, Chatting, Usenet, FTP, Telnet, Videoconferencing, and so forth.


PCs assume a significant part in taxpayer supported organizations. A few significant fields in this classification are financial plans, Sales charge division, Income charge office, Computation of male/female proportion, Computerization of electors records, Computerization of PAN card, Weather determining and so forth.

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