The first Huawei AOD Watch is expected to go on sale later this year in nepal

Hello and welcome to our in-depth guide to Huawei’s first Always-On Display (AOD) Watch, scheduled to go on sale later this year. This essay will examine the cutting-edge capabilities, sophisticated aesthetics, and much awaited smartwatch. With our thorough research, we hope to give you more insightful information than what is already in other publications, enabling you to make better decisions and outperform your rivals.


Huawei’s First Always-On Display Smartwatch Incoming

 The existence of this new smartwatch has been confirmed by screenshots from the Huawei Health app. A calendar, steps counter, battery level, timing, weather, heart rate, alarm, and sleep reminder are just a few of the handy widgets displayed on the watch face. It is vital to keep in mind that the current design may yet go through some changes before the final version is launched, even though the bezels are evident but not unduly invasi

Display and Design

The AOD Watch features a brilliant, high-resolution AMOLED display that exhibits rich colors and clear graphics. The display’s flawless integration with the stylish bezel-less design makes for an engrossing viewing experience. It is the perfect companion for both casual and formal events because to its compact profile and lightweight construction that provide all-day comfort.

Technology of an always-on display

The Huawei AOD Watch’s revolutionary Always-On Display technology is one of its most notable features. With this feature, users may quickly check their watch to see the time, date, or significant notifications without having to fully wake the screen. While preserving battery life and giving crucial information at a glance, the AOD function intelligently changes the brightness.

Advanced Health and Fitness Tracking

The AOD Watch offers full health and fitness tracking in addition to traditional smartwatch features thanks to its cutting-edge sensors and algorithms. This watch meets your needs, whether you’re a serious athlete or someone who values their health.

Your heart rate is continuously monitored by the built-in heart rate monitor throughout the day, providing helpful information about your general cardiovascular health. In order to assist you maximize your training sessions, it also offers real-time alerts during challenging workouts.

The AOD Watch also has a precise GPS system that makes it possible to track your outside activities like jogging, cycling, and hiking with accuracy. You may easily test your limits and monitor your progress with detailed maps and performance information.

Intelligent features and seamless connectivity

The AOD Watch continues Huawei’s tradition of being a leader in innovation. Experience the simplicity of controlling calls, messages, and app notifications right from your wrist by syncing your watch to your smartphone.

AOD Watch also includes a number of amazing smart capabilities, such as voice assistant integration, music control, and remote camera functionality. It seamlessly fits into your everyday routine, increasing ease and efficiency.

Long-Lasting Battery Life

When it comes to smartwatches, battery life is a key factor, and Huawei has well solved this issue. The high-capacity battery in the AOD Watch enables prolonged use on a single charge. You may wear your watch with confidence all day long thanks to clever power management features, which eliminate the need for constant charging.

[HUAWEI] The AOD (Always On Display) style does not take effect on my watch


When the watch screen is switched off, the AOD style that was manually placed on it does not appear.


Some watch faces come with matching AOD styles that cannot be changed in order to produce a unified style of the watch faces.

This issue is connected to AOD design specifications and is not cause for alarm. You may see if your existing watch face has a matching AOD style by doing the following:

Open the Watch Face Store in Huawei Health, go to Mine
to check whether there are two preview pages for the currently used
watch face. If so, the second page is the matching AOD style preview,
and the AOD style manually set on your watch will not display. If not,
the AOD style manually set on your watch will display.

Check the
currently used watch face, as shown in Figure 1, and check the AOD style
on the details screen, as shown in Figures 2 and 3.

AOD specifications: The screen will turn off 5 minutes after you remove the watch from your wrist. When the watch recognizes that you are asleep, the screen will likewise switch off automatically.


Huawei’s first AOD Watch is a revolutionary product for the smartwatch
market. It stands out from the competition thanks to its gorgeous look,
cutting-edge features, and superb functionality. This watch offers a
user experience that is unmatched, from its striking display to its
sophisticated health tracking capabilities.

Consider the Huawei
AOD Watch as your fashionable travel companion to keep on trend and
leave a lasting impression. With this extraordinary timepiece, embrace
innovation, redefine your style, and increase your productivity.


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